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This morning Cargill announced a commitment to end deforestation and land conversion in three South American countries by 2025.

Cargill has a track record of making commitments around child labor, deforestation, and slavery in their supply chain but have rarely followed through. Throughout the last seven months, the Cargill campaign housed at has applied pressure to the Cargill-MacMillian family to step up and take responsibility for the devastation their company has caused globally.

“Today’s commitment by Cargill is potentially a huge and long-awaited step forward for the planet and the Indigenous communities who depend on it,” said Mathew Jacobson, the Cargill Campaign Director at “But given Cargill’s long track record of breaking previous commitments – we remain cautious.  We are determined to work with Cargill and its owners, the Cargill-MacMillian family, to ensure this commitment is as real on the ground as it is on paper.”