The destruction of the natural world is driven by agribusiness - and agribusiness is driven by Cargill.

Because Cargill has repeatedly committed to address these problems it makes no sense to continue to ask them to make more commitments. That’s why we are turning to their bosses - the owners of Cargill - the Cargill-MacMillan Family - and asking them to step in.

We hope that they will leave a legacy of leadership, not a legacy of broken promises.

This is their chance to be remembered as the family that made the world a better place, not a worse one.

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Join us in calling on the Cargill-MacMillan family to end human rights abuses and the destruction of nature throughout Cargill’s supply chain.

We are not asking Cargill to make any more commitments. We are asking Cargill’s owners to ensure that the company fulfills the commitments it has already made.

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