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Promises to Keep

A Call on the Cargill-MacMillan Family to Ensure that Cargill Keeps its Commitment to End Deforestation and Land-Conversion in South America.

Bad Apples

Case Studies of Land Clearance in Brazil from Companies Linked to Cargill’s Supply Chain

A Grain of Truth

As plea to the Cargill-MacMillan family to show leadership by eliminating human rights abuses and the destruction of nature from Cargill’s supply chain.

Reports, Analysis & Investigations by Others

Ferrogrão railway line with terminal in Matupá will split Xingu lands in half

The EF-170 railway, Ferrogrão, is one of the infrastructure projects that aims to consolidate routes for the outflow of agricultural commodities through Brazil’s Arco Norte ports

Ferrogrão railway line will affect six indigenous lands, 17 conservation units and three isolated tribes

Exclusive survey reveals a much greater impact than estimated by agribusinesses. Ministry of Indigenous Peoples shows concern and demands consultation, but Lula’s minister of transport is optimistic about project launched by Bolsonaro

Cargill faces Brazil criminal probe over Amazon port project

Brazilian federal prosecutors are investigating transactions involving grains trader Cargill and a Brazilian partner after they found “irregularities” in the acquisition of disputed land where the U.S. company plans to build a massive river port in the Amazon rainforest.

Empty promises: Cargill, soy, banks and the destruction of Bolivia’s Chiquitano forest

A new Global Witness investigation reveals that US food giant Cargill has directly purchased soy from farms in Bolivia where more than 20,000 hectares of forest have been razed since 2017.

Brazil Condemns Cargill for Labor Issues in Cocoa Supply Chain

A Brazilian court condemned Cargill Inc. for buying cocoa from producers that exploit workers under slave-like conditions and use child labor, according to the nation’s Labor Prosecutors’ office.

Cases linked to soy, cotton, and palm oil on Cargill’s operations

This analysis by AidEnvironment calculates Cargill’s exposure risk to recent deforestation in Indonesia, linked to palm oil, and Brazil, linked to soy and cotton operations

Cargill in the Media

Report Calls on Cargill to Keep its Deforestation and Conversion Promise

In Brazil’s Amazon, Cargill grain ports meet local resistance

Cargill-MacMillan Family Refuses to Meet With Visiting Indigenous Leader