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You grew from a modest grain warehouse in 1865 to the largest agriculture company in the world.

But today, your company’s practices threaten to tarnish that proud legacy.

In 2001, Cargill publicly acknowledged the problem of forced child labor in the cocoa industry and committed to eliminating it and the other “worst forms” of child labor in the production of chocolate.

In 2014, Cargill acknowledged the agriculture sector’s significant role in the destruction of the world’s forests and promised to end it.

In 2022, Cargill expanded that commitment to include the protection of critical natural ecosystems other than forests as well.

None of those commitments have been fulfilled.

And the problems have gotten worse.

For years you have delegated the management of the company. You have trusted Cargill’s executives to do the right thing and to tell you the truth.

They have done neither.

The time has come for you to engage and lead.

We are not asking the company to make any more commitments. We are asking you to ensure that the company fulfills the commitments it has already made:

Honor the Harkin Engel Protocol
Honor the New York Declaration on Forests
Honor the COP 26 Statement of Purpose

Honor Cargill’s commitments to end human rights abuses and the destruction of nature across your entire supply chain.

It’s time to work together for a better solution.

Be remembered as the family that made the world a better place, not a worse one.

Leave a legacy of leadership, not a legacy of broken promises.

You can reach us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

This letter was published in NYT and Minneapolis Star Tribune.
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