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Promises to Keep

A Call on the Cargill-MacMillan Family to Ensure that Cargill Keeps its Commitment to End Deforestation and Land-Conversion in South America.

A Grain of Truth

As plea to the Cargill-MacMillan family to show leadership by eliminating human rights abuses and the destruction of nature from Cargill’s supply chain.

Analysis by Repórter Brasil

Repórter Brasil has been investigating Cargill’s activities in Brazil since 2003. This analysis is a summary of the history of grievances reported about Cargill in Brazil, with an emphasis on recent years.

Cargill, Amaggi and Cofco buy family soybeans with embargoed and set on fire in Mato Grosso

Repórter Brasil showed that Cargill and other agricultural traders bought soy from a family of farmers with interdicted and burned areas in Mato Grosso. The soybean production took place in areas of adjoining farms, where Brazilian environmental agencies found illegal deforestation. The family supplying the company is being investigated by the Federal Prosecution Service and the Mato Grosso State Prosecution Service and has also been fined by the State Environment Secretariat.