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A Grain of Truth

As plea to the Cargill-MacMillan family to show leadership by eliminating human rights abuses and the destruction of nature from Cargill’s supply chain.

The Mensah Family

Members of the Mensah family—Doris, Cynthia, George, and Rebecca Mensah (not their real names)—work on a cocoa farm in Ghana that directly sources to Cargill. They regularly perform hazardous tasks, including handling pesticides, herbicides, and working with machetes. Together as a family, the four of them earned a total of $140 last year from selling cocoa to Cargill.

All of the work they consistently perform on the plantation are clear examples of the Worst Forms of Child Labor in clear violation of the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention No. 182.

The Nyarko Family

Rita, Grace, and Daniel Nyarko (not their real names) take their cocoa beans to a collection site adjacent to the farm where they all work—this collection site is owned and operated by Cargill. Between the two siblings and their mother, the family made a total of $260 dollars last year from selling cocoa to Cargill.