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Analysis by Repórter Brasil

Repórter Brasil has been investigating Cargill’s activities in Brazil since 2003. This analysis is a summary of the history of grievances reported about Cargill in Brazil, with an emphasis on recent years.

The Chain: Agropalma’s Owners Look to Sell While Company’s ESG Violations Rise

Several financial actors are assessing Agropalma since the owners signalized their interest in selling it. “Any parties interested in purchasing Agropalma will have to contend with allegations of ties to land grabbing, labor and human rights abuses, and deforestation at a time the company is seeking to increase its palm oil production 50 percent through 2025”. Cargill is one of the buyers of Agropalma.

The Chain: Wildfires Rage on SLC Agricola farm

FGV is in Cargill’s list of suppliers. US Government issued “a Withhold Release Order (WRO) on palm oil products produced by Malaysian Felda Global Ventures (FGV) over concerns of alleged forced labor issues.”

The Chain: Norway divests from palm oil deforestation, APP’s historic commitment, and more

Labor conditions in Malaysia palm oil plantation by Felda, “one of the world’s largest producers of crude palm oil, whose customers include major agribusinesses such as Cargill, as well as consumer brands like Nestlé and Proctor & Gamble.” / ” Cargill and its customers said they weren’t aware of alleged labor abuses on palm-oil plantations and would investigate.” Civil society groups are calling for a full RSPO investigation of the practices detailed in the story. The RSPO has since indicated that it is working to gather more information.